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End of year annual pot-luck dinner

End of year annual pot-luck dinner

by Eric Hagley -
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End of year annual pot-luck dinner - Sunday 18  December, 2016
Time: 4pm-7pm
Location: Hokkaido International School (Sumikawa, Sapporo)
Cost: 500 yen & a plate to share (members free)

We will start the evening by experiencing several fun language learning activities that you can easily adapt to use in your classroom. The game/activity time will be followed by a potluck dinner, so please bring a dish that can be shared among 10 people.


Language learning games/activities from 4pm, 10 minutes for each activity
Haidee Thomson- Walking dictation
Don Hinkelman- Kahoot (using smartphones)
Michael Mielke - Alphabet dash
Bob Ashcroft - The picture game