About JALT Hokkaido

What is JALT?
The Japan Association for Language Teaching is a professional organization dedicated to the improvement of language learning and teaching in Japan, a vehicle for the exchange of new ideas and techniques, and a means of keeping abreast of new developments in a rapidly changing field. There are about 40 active JALT chapters and 18 SIGs located throughout Japan. JALT is the Japan affiliate of International TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and a branch of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language). If you join, you will receive:

JALT publishes The Language Teacher, a monthly magazine of articles and announcements on professional concerns, and the semi-annual JALT Journal. The Hokkaido Chapter also publishes the annual Proceedings as a special added benefit.

Attendance at Chapter Meetings
Entrance to regular Hokkaido Chapter meetings, in general held on the last Sunday of the month, are free of charge to members. The national Special Interest Groups (SIGs), also hold special events such as computer assisted language learning, testing and other themes at discounted fees for JALT members.

Annual JALT International Conference
The JALT International Conference on Language Teaching/Learning attracts more than 2,000 participants annually. The program consists of over 200 papers, workshops, colloquia and poster sessions, a huge publishers' exhibition, an employment center, and social events.

SIG Membership
Applied Linguistics, Bilingualism, College and University Educators, CALL, Crossing Cultures, Eikaiwa, Foreign Language Literacy, Gender Awareness, Global Issues in Language Education, Japanese as a Second Language, Jr./Sr. High School Teaching, Learner Development, Materials Writers, Other Language Educators, Pragmatics, Professionalism Administration and Leadership in Education, Teacher Education, Teaching Children, and Testing and Evaluation are SIGs, each of which JALT members can join at a discounted subscription fee of 1,500 yen.   Awards for Research Grants and Development
Awarded annually. Applications must be made to the JALT President by September. Awards are announced at the annual conference.
Who are the JALT Hokkaido officers?

JALT Hokkaido is always looking for teachers to join our team of dedicated volunteer officers. Do you think you have the right stuff? If so, don't hesitate -- send us an email today and tell us a little about yourself. In addition to the titles below, we are always willing to create a new position for the right person!

Chapter President: B. Bricklin Zeff (Brick) 

Programs: Haidee Thomson

Treasurer: Michael Mielke
Membership: Shaun Hoggard & Steven Conway

Publicity: Junior Koch, Naoko Tanaka & Matthew Cotter

Web Site: Eric Hagley
hagley at mmm.muroran-it.ac.jp

Don Hinkelman - CALL representative

Members at large: Sally Kobayashi, Glen Hill, Mary Virgil-Uchida, Don Hinkelman, Hitoshi Eguchi, Charles Meuller, Alex Couture

How can I join JALT?

There are several ways to become a member.  Check out our membership page for information.

Must I be a JALT member to present at JALT events?

Presenters need not be JALT members. In fact, JALT Hokkaido is always looking for quality presenters to insure that we offer 8 or 9 meetings during the year, in addition to our annual fall conference. The JALT Hokkaido chapter is very active with over 150 members. Our meetings are well attended and our members are interested in how research on second language learning can be applied to the classroom. We appreciate practicum and we are always looking for new ways to improve our teaching methods and help our students become better second language learners. Some general categories of interest are:

    pedagogy research and how it can be applied in the classroom

    syllabus and materials design

    classroom management

    CALL and other ways to use technology for ESL learning

    cross-cultural communications

    successful techniques you have used for improving listening and speaking skills

These are just a few suggestions for presentations. If you have an idea for a topic you would like to present, please email us your abstract.

Do members have any input regarding events and venue?

Yes! Please email us your suggestions.

Where can I read the Constitution and Bylaws of the JALT Hokkaido chapter?

Download or view (depends on your browser) a pdf of the JALT Hokkaido Constitution and Bylaws (in English and Japanese)

Approved by the Hokkaido EB on May 30, 2004.
Accepted by the JALT Executive Board on July 4, 2004.
Amendments ratified by JALT Hokkaido membership on 26 September, 2010.
Amendments accepted by the JALT Executive Board on 26 June, 2011.

Are events conducted in English or Japanese?

As JALT comprises mainly English teachers, English is the primary language used. However, we encourage Japanese/bilingual presentations as well.

Are child care facilities available?

Sorry, but you will need to make other arrangements.

Do I have to pre-register to attend events?
No. However, some special events such as the annual conference could offer discounted pre-registration for guests and details would be posted to the web site.

Where are JALT events held?

Most JALT Hokkaido events, including the annual language conference, are held at universities, community centers or language schools in Sapporo. Venue details such as building and room are always included with each event announcement, so please check our web site carefully, before heading to the presentation. Also, if you would like to host an event at your university, school or other facility please contact us.

I am from out of town. Can you recommend any hotels to stay while in Sapporo?
Convenient Hotels Recommended by Previous Guests

Sapporo Hotels

*One of the more reasonable hotels is the Toyoko Inn (about US$65/night, available with free internet if you bring your own laptop and cable). The Toyoko Inn has several locations near Sapporo JR Station and includes a very simple Japanese-style breakfast. For details, visit their main website.
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