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Pretzel Logic : Targeting the Second Month of Online Teaching in the Year of COVID

by Matt Cotter -

Event 1  JALT Hokkaido

JALT Hokkaido supports online teaching strategies with this informative webinar filled with resources and helpful ideas to get you on track for your online teaching experience. 

Pretzel Logic : Targeting the Second Month of Online Teaching in the Year of COVID

Date: 16th May, 2020 (19:00 - 20:30)

Location:   Facebook Live (open to all)


                   YouTube Live  (open to all)


                   Zoom (JALT Hokkaido members only)

                  - link and password to be sent via member mailing list the day before

Presenter: José Domingo Cruz


As we all head into our second month of teaching without our physical classrooms, what can we learn? What do we do to change or improve what we have tried? Like all of you I’m looking for answers to those questions. I’m hoping I can help you by sharing the guidelines I’m using, and suggest resources for that purpose. I also have picked up some new techniques and ideas that I can share for making the most of what you have.

Even before my classes started on May 7, I was in an ongoing deep dive to find the best way to handle Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT.) At the same time I know that one of the best ways of learning is by preparing to teach, so I started setting up open ZOOM sessions with other teachers where we would teach each other what we discovered. Today I bring together what I’ve learned throughout. My ideas fall into these categories and I believe what I’ll try to convey in this presentation can be used as general principles for most any ERT situation that uses teleconferencing, not just ZOOM.

In-class tips and techniques

Your appearance on the digital stage, maximizing student connection virtual backgrounds for maximum effect
screen sharing in your virtual classroom, screen magnification

utilizing facebook as a makeshift LMS (Learning Management System)

private groups
polls, video commenting, writing assignments, announcements, file sharing livestreams


José Domingo Cruz works on several English study projects, including his newest venture, “GOLDFish365”. Cruz is from Canada, a veteran university instructor and Japan resident specializing in fluency instruction. During the pandemic, he too scrambled to prepare for Emergency Remote Teaching (ERT) and in the process found his natural tendency to be a computer geek helpful in learning ZOOM and then teaching others about it.


Fluency, Authentic Listening, Shadow Talking, ERT 

2020 JALT Hokkaido Winter Language Teaching Conference

by Eric Hagley -

"Getting Creative: Avenues to Successful Practices in EFL".

Location(Link to Google Maps here): Hokusei Gakuen University C-kan, 6-7F 2 Chome-3-1 Oyachinishi, Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 004-0042
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This winter JALT Hokkaido is hosting a language teaching conference in collaboration with JALT Brain, Critical Thinking and PIE (Performance in Education) SIGs. We will have a full program of teachers and researchers keen to share how creativity is re-shaping their teaching practice in any learning environment.

Conference Fees

JALT Members and students free!

Non-members : Both days ¥3000 at the door (¥2000 if pre-registered)

                            One day ¥2000 at the door (¥1000 if pre-registered)

This year will be a two-day event. The event will begin with registration starting Saturday, February 1st at 9:30am. There will be a full line-up of presentations, student showcase, a symposium with leaders in education, and publisher displays on both Saturday, February 1st and Sunday, the 2nd. Doors open and registration begins from 8:45am, conference greeting is at 9:15 and the first presentations start at 9:30am. The venue is Hokusei Gakuen University in Sapporo. There will also be a networking event on the Saturday evening which you can sign up for at the pre-registration link above.

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ロス教授のスライド(とりあえずのまだ日本語が不十分なものです。)Andrew Ross's slides are being uploaded here. The Japanese translation is still not complete

by Eric Hagley -

Here are Prof. Ross's slides with a "yet-complete" Japanese translation.

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