• 2020 Event 1 HMSW - September 1

    JALT Hokkaido will again co-sponsor the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop (HMSW) this year.

    2020 Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshops (HMSW)

    Tuesday, September 1st (9:30~17:00)

    This one-day workshop is for anyone interested in learning Moodle, from those who have never used it to expert users. Find out what this powerful learning management system can really do for you and your students.

    If you have never used Moodle before or have been thrown into the Moodle soup this semester and want to skill up for next semester, then you will want to attend this workshop.

    There will be sessions on the basic Moodling such as course set up, attendance, assignment submission and grading, quizzes and many more!

    Want to consult with an expert? We will have someone waiting for you in our day-long, online Moodle Help Desk Station. You can even tell us what you are interested in learning ahead of time when you register.

    For the more experienced users there will be sessions on specific modules and ways to use Moodle in different subjects and classroom settings. There will be sessions for everyone! Workshops will be in English/Japanese/bilingual dependent on participants of each workshop.

    Workshops will be both online as well as face to face (at Sapporo, Shiroishi Kumin Center). To support social distancing and public health, we have set face to face participation at a 25-person maximum. Online participation is unlimited!

    You can register to participate or also submit an abstract if you would like to make a presentation by going to our website (majhokkaido.org)

    ●      Please register as soon as possible!

    ●      Abstract submission deadline – Extended to August 14, 23:59pm  (Submissions after this date will be considered on a space available basis)

    ●      Schedule details available from August 19

    ●      Fee: free to all participants

    Organized by: Moodle Association of Japan - Hokkaido Chapter, JALT Hokkaido and the Moodle Association of Japan.


    2020 北海道ムードル・サマー・ワークショップ(HMSW




    専門家に相談したいですか? 1日中オンラインのMoodleヘルプデスクがあります。またワークショップ前、事前登録する際に、あなたの知りたいと思うことを伝えておくこともできます。





    アブストラクト提出期限:8 14 23:59まで延長この日付以降の提出は、空き容量に基づいて検討されます。)


    参加費:参加者全員 無料


    2020 Event 2 Webinar - November 142016