• 2021 Event 1 Presentation - June 12

    2021 Event 1  JALT Hokkaido

    Title:  Does Performance-Based Language Assessment Really Work?

    A Case Study in Hokkaido, Japan

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    Date: Saturday, 12 June, 2021 (18:00 - 19:00 Presentation, 19:00 – 19:20 Q&A)

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    Performance-based assessment has gained increased attention from ELT practitioners as this type of assessment evaluates actual performances produced by students. It is believed performance-based assessment could create intended and unintended consequences on the learning experience. This impact that affects teaching practices and learning behavior variously is termed “washback effect”. This presentation reports a case study investigation of the washback of performance-based assessment used by three English language teachers in Hokkaido, Japan, each of whom implemented their own course-specific assessments. Employing qualitative research of in-depth interview and self-reflection methods, it was found that performance-based language assessment created both positive and negative effects on teachers, teaching, and students. This presentation will illustrate how the teachers prepared students for assessment tasks, how teachers’ reacted towards performance-based assessment, and how these impacted on their assessments and perceptions of the assessment. The students’ reactions towards the assessment and teachers’ preparation methods will also be discussed.


    Bordin Chinda is an Assistant Professor at Chiang Mai University, Thailand and is currently a visiting professor at Sapporo Gakuin University. His research interests include performance-based language assessment, washback and impact studies, and teacher education.

    Matt Cotter, formerly a primary school teacher in New Zealand, lectures at Hokusei Gakuen University Junior College.  His research interests include indigenous cultures, intercultural communication, and assessment for learning.

    Matthew Ebrey, presently completing his Master of Education, has lived in Sapporo for the last ten years, teaching at all levels of pre-tertiary education. He is looking forward to finding new avenues of research through his post-graduate education, and he has sights set on teaching at university in the future.

    Don Hinkelman teaches intercultural communication skills at Sapporo Gakuin University. He has researched performance assessment and co-developed the video assessment module for Moodle (a rubric-based self and peer evaluation tool).

    Peter Lambert, a certified elementary and middle school teacher in Canada, teaches at high schools in Sapporo.  His research interests include cross-curricular studies (mixing English with math), optimizing student goal setting and teaching empathic negotiation strategies.

    Annie Miller started out as a classical musician, but has been teaching English in universities in Hokkaido for the past twenty years. She currently teaches primarily at Hokusei Gakuen University. She got interested in washback research this past year after meeting Prof. Bordin Chinda.


    発表者:ボルディン・チンダ博士、マット・コッター氏、ダン・ヒンケルマン博士、ピーター・ランバート氏、アニー・ミラー氏、マシュー・エブリー 氏

    日時:6月12日(土曜日) 午後18:00 - 19:00発表, 19:00 - 19:20 Q&A

    会場:zoom webinar (下記の登録フォームからの申し込み後、申込者のメンバーシップまたは料金の支払いを確認し、イベント当日にズームリンクとパスワードをメールでお送りします) 


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    北星学園大学短期大学部専任講師。ニュージーランドでは小学校の教員として勤務経験がある。 研究テーマは、先住民の文化、異文化コミュニケーション、学習評価など。






    カナダで小中学校の教員免許を取得し、札幌市内の高校で教鞭をとる。 研究テーマは、クロスカリキュラム学習(英語と数学の混合)、生徒の目標設定の最適化、共感的交渉方略の指導など。



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